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Wednesday, 27 March 2013


It is my believe ànd experience that, more than ever, we all long for connection, connection with ourselves, with our essence, with eachother, with nature, with the world of today.

The world is at a turning point, asking for structural changes on many levels, asking for a new global balance, a new world order. We are all one and everyting is interconnected ; every change on a micro level, will influence the collective consciousness.  World peace goes hand in hand with positive changes within individuals.


Everyone will get personally involved in this evolution. Transformation, personal growth to the full extend, is the necessary process to ‘come home’. It’s about the widening of the consciousness, the connection with the soul, the experience of the essence of life.

The world is ready for essence, for transformation, for a higher frequency, for enlightment.

I am a translator, a facilitator, an enhancer, a guide when it comes to this evolution ; through my coachings, my energy, my healings, my workshops and also my songs.

Ilse Scheers, December 2012


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