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Energy Work, also called Healing Work is a therapeutic method that works for and with energy. Every physical body is being held by energetic fields that contain all the information on the body, the soul and the spirit. During a healing the healer will work on these fields to detect disturbances, release blocks, raise consciousness so that energy can regain its natural flow and well-being can be enhanced. Healing is a soft ànd deep therapeutic method, and when the pocess is fully embraced, it will lead to integral transformation, optimal well-being. Healing supports in cases of recovery and revalidation as well as in cases of personal growth.

First I willl talk with you, to hear, to feel, to understand what your needs are and what that means in an energetic way. Normally such a talk lasts for 15 minutes although the first time it may take longer, as a matter of intake. We will talk about your health, but also about your way of living, your relations, your work, and other subjects that are important for you. It is advisable that you set an intention before starting the session: the more you are clear around your needs and questions, the more I can support you and the more result you will experience.

After that you can go on the massage table. You only take off your shoes and I will make sure that you are comfortabel, I'll support your back or knees, where ever needed. Then the actual hands-on-healing can start: this is a technic that clears your chakra's and energy fields, brings them back into balance and charges them. I will place my hands on different places on the body. Yet also sound can be used and sometimes there is no touching whatsoever, according to the needs. In each case, I stay in full contact with the ground/earth, with myself and with you, the client.

So for you it is about relaxing, allowing and receiving. After half an hour, depending on the session, the healing comes to a closure and you can come off the table and talk a little. A short evaluation will make sure you are ready to go home and are able to integrate the rest of the session. The full integration will take days, sometimes weeks. The first 24 hours after a session, it is strongly adviced not to use alcohol or other drugs. I can always be reached afterwards in case of questions.


Releasing of blocks happens on different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Healing brings you back into deep connection with yourself, gives you peace and clarity, raises your consciousness. 

Healing Work happens through energetic exchange and depending on the healer there are different ways of doing that: through words, hands, sound, movement, through full presence. A healing usually last 45 minutes to an hour. 

A few results:

- a bigger sense of hapiness and lightness 

- deep feeling of relaxation 

- more clarity and focus

- more balance in the body so you feel more grounded, 'in' the body. 

- more energy and vitality

- a new feeling of safety and security 

- less stress, more pleasure 

- releasing of trauma

- healing of certain relations

- new/deeper connnection with creativity 

- new insight on life task and world consciousness 

- insight in illness and acceptation of healing process 

Session Coaching and Energywork
Duration:   1 hour
Location:   Centrum voor Energiewerk, Mechelsesteenweg 309 te 2500 Lier

  • Private session: €95
  • Business session: €120 

Session Singing and Energywork
Duration: 1 hour
Location:  Centrum voor Energiewerk, Mechelsesteenweg 309 te 2500 Lier

  • Private session: €95
  • Business session: €120

Constellations (Family- or business constellations)
Duration: 1h30min
Location:  Centrum voor Energiewerk, Mechelsesteenweg 309 te 2500 Lier

  • Family constellation (For private situations):  Initiator: €195 on; Participation as representative: €66 
  • Business constellation (For business situations): Initiator: €240 ; Participation as representative: €85 

Year-training "BewustZijn"
Duration: 16 à 20 days
Location:  Centrum voor Energiewerk, Mechelsesteenweg 309 te 2500 Lier

  • Private related Year-training: € 2.400
  • Business related Year-training: € 2.950

Other activities
The prices of the other activities are mentionned in the details of the event in the calendar.
Different prices apply for private participation or business participation.

In case events or lessons are organized by an external party (such as Oost West Centrum) the prices are mentionned on their website.
The link to the website wil always be mentionned in the details of the event on the calendar.


All prices are including VAT

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Ilse Grace Scheers

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
Center for Energy Work

Mechelsesteenweg 309
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