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I believe in and experience every day the enormous potential in each of us. When we are
willing to let go over and over again and keep growing, we really start to live
the way we deeply long for, from our essence, from our true power.

Ilse Scheers

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Center for Energy Work

The Center for Energy Work is based in Lier at the beautiful domain of Hof Van Lachenen. Its natural environment makes it a perfect place for contemplation and harmony. It is a true oase of beauty and peace. The old trees, the lake, the river, the animals will all welcome you. The indication signs will lead you straight to the practise, where you will find a cosy waiting room.

Activities & Trainings

To allow everyone to grow in his or her own specific way and have experience with Energy Work, I offer personal sessions, workshops and trainings:
A Personal Session is a one-on-one Eenrgy Session. It includes talking, coaching, energy healing, channelling or sounding, mostly a combination of these technics. Next to that I organize Group Activities on a regular basis. Anyone can enroll according to his or her personal needs and desires. The 3 Year Training' Conscious Being'/BewustZijn is meant for those who long to deepen their integral understanding of Energy and Consciousness Work.
I work with clients from all over the World and am available for long distance sessions through skype or phone.

Ilse Grace


Ilse Grace




  • Solo Concerts Elaisa Energetic Wellness Spring 2023

    1 January, 2023

  • Elaisa Concert Oct 15

    1 October, 2022

  • Live Concert solo - Sept 11 - Elaisa Wellness Center

    7 August, 2022

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Ageer. Re-ageer nimmer. - Let's Be A LightHouse!

13 January, 2021

Ageer. Re-ageer nimmer. - Let's Be A LightHouse!

We leven in buitengewone tijden, de langverwachte, buitengewone Shift is doorgestart, eindelijk! Transformatie naar een nieuwe samenleving (zie blog 13/03/2013), naar een hogere frekwentie is een ongezien, wereldwijd proces waar nu versnelling in gekomen is, eindelijk! Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat dit niet zonder enige slag of stoot gebeurt...    

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Glistening Heart

20 January, 2020

Glistening Heart

What makes a human being beautiful? What makes someone really attractive and nice to be with? Is it the appearance, the words, the humour, the ideas? Yes, all this and much more. I keep getting the impression that it's the heart, the heart that shines.  

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About Ilse

Through my life and work experience and my specific professional trainings I have developed the capacity of integral coach, to be fully present and feel/listen and support with whatever is needed, on a very personal level and also on a group level.

As an experienced coach and energy healer and also musician, I bring together all my knowlegde to give you support and guidance. My approach is designed to be empowering and to give you the insights you really long for.

I can help you to connect you with your deep longings. To put you back into your own power so you can overcome your blocks, your doubts, your pains, your fears.


I offer personal coaching and energy healings through individual sessions and in day workshops.
I also work with group dynamics through workshops, groups sessions and retreats. Next to that I organize Year Trainings and specific courses.
My special offer is singing/energy sessions, where you can discover your own voice through singing and energy work.
I work with clients from all over the world and am available for long-distance sessions via SKYPE and phone.


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Ilse Grace Scheers

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
Center for Energy Work

Mechelsesteenweg 309
2500 Lier

+32 (0)478 393118

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.