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School for Energy Work

You are unique. To allow you to grow in your own unique way and experience energy work, I offer various trainings, workshops and personal sessions:


Annual Training ConsciousBeing

Annual Training Live

Start Basic Year: 26 January '24
*Online Lesson Modules
*Online Live Classes
*Live classes
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*Home Assignments

Enrollments: as of November 27, 2023

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Annual Training Online

Start Basic Year: March 25, 2024
*Online Lesson Modules
*Online Live Classes
*Community Chat
*Home Assignments

Enrollments: as of January 25, 2024

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Annual Training Lesson Modules

Start Basis Year: January 25, 2024
*Online Lesson Modules
*Community Chat
*Home Assignments

Enrollments: as of January 25, 2024

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ConsciousBeing – being completely who you are, being guided only by your inner voice, feeling completely at home with yourself.

Transformation is the most profound growth process that makes us live in a new way: there is no longer a need for control, instead we experience freedom and full responsibility. We begin to live from within, from the heart, and no longer from external needs or impulses. We experience inner peace and free flow of energy, we feel a deep connection with ourselves and understand our place in the world.

The Annual Training ConsciousBeing is a course in which a group of 8 to 10 students embark on a journey consisting of a total of 3 years, to be enrolled annually. Throughout the three years, deep work is done on personal growth and the integral understanding of yourself and into the healing and therapy methods to master the profession of Energy Worker, always with a different focus:/p>

  • Relationship with the Self (Basic Year)
  • Relationship with the Other (Deepening Year)
  • Relationship with the Universal (Specialization Year)

The Year Course in Consciousness consists of both extensive energetic knowledge (theory) and various practical exercises. The following topics are extensively covered over the years:

Theory and group work on the human energy system
Hands-on Healing skills (based on the work of Barbara Brennan) | Aura healing (Energy Bodies, extensive range of skills) | Hara Healing (Soul level) | Core Star Healing (Spirit level)
Theory: see Lesson Module 1, Basics for Energy Work I & II

Theory and group work on defense systems
Knowledge of own behavioral patterns | Experience-oriented (group) work based on Core-Energetics | Movement work 'Flex your Soul' & Kundalini
Theory: see Lesson Module 2, Defenses I &II

Mindfulness and Meditation Work
Integral body awareness | Transcendental Meditation | Discovering your inner voice | Channeling and intuition

Contact & Communication
Contact, listening, transference, mask, lower self, super ego, ... | Basic beliefs, comfort zone | Mirror work, projections | Transformation of Child Consciousness | Non-violent Communication
Theory: see Lesson Module 3, Contact & Communication I & II

Professional Practical Skills
Work environment| Work tools | Legislation | Professional association,…
Experience-oriented home assignments
Monthly homeworks (theory and exercises)| Practice healings

Personal Coaching (monthly, customized, not included in price)


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We are currently at the ending of a transition phase with the training offer. The form of the Year Training went through a transformation and exists now partly of Online Lesson Modules. Read alll about it here below. From now on we will start according to the rhythm of a civil year.

We worked hard at the Online Lesson Modules that you can download and through which you can learn the basic theory at home, at your own pace. This way you are prepared for the live lessons that will immediately focus on in-depth learning. Creating the online lesson modules is a real job, it is a synthesis of many years of teaching and requires time and attention.

The Modules will mainly consist of video recordings of teachings by Ilse Grace Scheers, supplemented with other visual material and specific attachments.The lesson modules will not only provide you with information mentally, but also and especially energetically. Expect private lessons at the place where you open your computer. 


The start of the renewed School for Energy Work is January 25, 2024.

Registrations for the Annual Training Live 2024 have started, all further information can be found in the boxes above!


The Free Webinar that took place on Monday Jan 15 can be replayed by clicking on this link.

!!We are planning on coming out with an Englisch version this fall!!


Guest teacher: Sybille Forget

Interns: Ann Kenis, Ann Van Bakel  

Languages: Dutch and English

For more information about the ConsciousBeing training, contact Ilse Scheers via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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I understand and experience the enormous potential in each of us; when we are willing to let go over and over again and keep growing, we really start to live in a way we deeply long for, from our essence, from our true power.

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Lesson modules

The Annual Training ConsciousBeing requires great personal commitment. Perhaps it better suits your abilities to work on your personal growth through shorter modules. Each module can be followed on its own. However, some modules build on a previous module or deepen a theme, so you will be asked to follow the basic module first. The Basic Lesson Modules and the Advanced Lesson Modules are also offered in bundles.

Aanbod online modules:

LessonModule1 'Energy Work' I & II – basic & deepening

The 4 dimensions in which we live and in which we can experience reality are the physical dimension, the aura dimension, the hara dimension and the core dimension. It is very special to understand and experience how these different perceptions each have their own individuality and reality, how you can deal with them and what their impact is on your daily consciousness. We start from theory and then experience what it does in your energy field through tactile exercises.

The physical dimension is the best known, our current science is entirely based on it. The Aura Dimension is the dimension of the aura bodies, also called layers of consciousness or energetic levels. It is also the dimension of the chakras, our energetic organs that are the natural gateways to the levels and regulate our energy. The Hara Dimension is the dimension of alignment, connection between heaven and earth. It is the dimension of the Soul Line, the dimension where intentions also play. Finally, the Core dimension is the dimension of your Spirit, your Essence, your Core, your Light.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

LessonModule2 'Defense Systems' I & II – basic & deepening

What does it mean to have healthy relationships? How can you be in relationships in a more conscious way? How can you connect with someone else without losing yourself? How can you deepen this contact? What is your intrinsic need in terms of contact?

We will explore contact and defenses in depth through the various behavioral models of Reich & Pierrakos. Each of us has pain points and difficult themes that originate from past experiences, often as children, from our family system,... and that provide direction to our personal growth. Because these experiences did not feel safe, we have built up energetic protective mechanisms. Sometimes we are going to hold back energy, then hold it up high. Sometimes we start clinging energetically, sometimes you just flee with our energy. Or we focus on the outside world and keep our energy under control.

They are defense systems that we usually apply unconsciously and also experience every day within others without being aware of them. Dealing with defense systems requires gentleness and loving understanding: we built them because we did not feel safe. At the same time, we do not connect ourselves with others in the moment when a defense system is in play. If we want to be free again in our contacts and approach others from our essence, these systems need to be transformed and healed.

During the lessons we look at the theory, I give life examples and we do mental and energetic exercises to activate your body awareness and create new experiences so that you can apply the knowledge you have acquired at home and deepen your real connection in your relationships.

For all your specific questions (location, price, etc.) go to the FAQ.

LessonModule3 'Contact and Communication' I & II, basic & deepening

The module 'Contact and Communication' consists of looking at what real contact with yourself and others means. We start from a conceptual framework, borrowed from Pathwork, and then continue with the theoretical model of Nonviolent Communication, and all times pray in the knowledge and experience of energetic consciousness.

What are the concepts that help when we explore contact? Which insights support engaging in communication? Where does the jargon of psychology meet that of spirituality and energy work?

Making contact is receiving a person into your own consciousness and doing so with your full body, not just through eye contact or standard body language. It is essential to be in touch with yourself and to surrender in order to have authentic and sincere contact with someone else. Energetically, contact occurs when two or more people are able to meet at the level of essence. This allows you to see the essence of the other person while also experiencing your own essence. Contact requires an open heart.
'Nonviolent communication' helps us to stand firm in life, to say what we want and to hear what is important to other person. It is a language of compassion with which we transcend the power struggle and move towards cooperation and trust. In this way, communication is disarmed, effective and connecting.'

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.



  • Module 'The Basics of the Tao'
  • Module 'Introduction to Pathwork'
  • Module 'Sound healing'
  • Module 'Ilse Grace Healing'


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Multi-day Retreats

A Multi-day Retreat creates the opportunity for very deep growth and healing in a short period of time. Unlike short workshops, you remain immersed for a longer period of time in the energy that is created and built up from within the group. All activities are framed within a theme in which we continually deepen. At the same time, we adapt ourselvesto the needs of the group and what arises on the spot, in consultation with nature and the environment. We always combine energy work, energetic exercises, creation work, meditation/relaxation/integration and constellation work. All activities are supervised by Ilse.

The Retreats are intended for people with some experience in energy work. A prior conversation with Ilse is requested. The group consists of a max. 15 people.

We very consciously choose a beautiful, energetic power place, so that the environment automatically keeps the energy of the group high.


 Domestic Retreats in Elaisa Energetic Wellness Center (B)

  • 'Living in Essence', Elaisa: March 2022
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we delved into the (re)connection with our essence.
  • 'Living in Essence', Elaisa: November 11 to 13, 2022
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we delve into the (re)connection with our essence.
  • 'Express Your Soul', Elaisa: March 2023
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we go to the expression of our soul, our truth, our personal sound
  • 'Express Your Soul', Elaisa: November 2023
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we move towards the expression of our soul, our truth, our mission
  • 'Move Your Flow', Elaisa: March 2024
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we move towards the expression of our body, our flow, full life in motion
  • 'Living in Essence', Elaisa: April 2024
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we delved into the (re)connection with our essence.
  • 'Move Your Flow', Elaisa: November 2024
    Through the 5 elements Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether we move towards the expression of our body, our flow, full life in motion
    Elaisa Energetic Wellness

Elaisa Energetic Wellness

 Foreign Retreats:

  • 'Feel your Core Power', Monte Velho, Portugal, August 2014
  • 'Re-discover your strengths', Auroville, India: January 2019
  • 'Growth to your core, strength in connection, creation in relaxation', Monte Velho, Portugal: September 2020
  • 'Experience your Flow', Dolphin Trip, Egypt, September 2023
  • 'Experience your Flow', Dolphin Trip, Egypt, September 2024

We work on re-activation of your energy system, connection with your Soul and Desire to create in complete freedom.
When we can fully express this essence in our lives, we stand in our Power.

The practical organization is taken care of or supervised by us in collaboration with other partners. We choose a stay with respect for people and the environment, all meals are vegan/vegetarian, organic and/or locally harvested if possible.

The current range of planned retreats can be found in the calendar.
More information via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Day workshops


Day Workshop 'Introduction to Energy Work'

What does integral contact with yourself and others mean? How can you become more aware of your energy(bodies)? How can you fully support your personal growth? What are the theoretical basics of energy theory? How can you become sensitive to your energy system and that of others?

Working with energy requires a solid understanding of the basic principles and a high awareness of the self-healing capacity of every person. Energetic support has nothing to do with invasive behavior or external intervention, but everything to do with 'loving' and 'allowing' so that this self-healing capacity can do its work. The consciousness of the healer and his/her personal growth is therefore crucial. In addition, knowledge and insight into the basic principles and skills is also important.

We start with the theoretical basics regarding energy work: the vision and principles, naming systems and concepts, describing the concrete approach. Then we will feel and experience through targeted exercises what it means to be in touch, with ourselves, and then with others. Finally, we gain a first experience with hands-on healing work on the table.

Through this workshop you will also get a clear picture of the Annual Training 'ConsciousBeing'.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

The exact dates can be found in the Calendar section.


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Day Workshop 'Feel Your Core Power'

Do you sometimes find it difficult to gain or maintain your strength? Do you feel that you do not really know your strength? Do you suffer from loss of energy? Do you lose your softness when you become powerful?

In this intensive workshop we work on energy awareness and individually look at what can be supportive for each participant. What is your need at this moment? Are you blocked with your emotions? Are there views from the past that continue to have influence? Which family patterns continue to limit you? Are you aware of your intentions?
It will be a mix of energetic exercises, mental coaching and integration/meditation moments, framed by loving music in a high frequency force field. We work with energetic resonance and personal mirror work, which will lead to mental clarification, emotional discharge and physical (re)activation.

Expect a deeply healing and truly empowering experience.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

The exact dates can be found in the Calendar section.


Day Workshop 'Singing with your Inner Voice'

Singing with your inner voice, so that you feel what you sing and sing what you feel, comes alive and uplifts yourself!
Your voice is highly personal and immediately takes you to your inner self; come sing along and feel how you become more energetic.

We start each lesson with a meditation to sink deep into yourself and consciously activate your energy system. Together we warm up the voices and connect deeply with yourself. We go to the core of who you are and sing from this place. What lives in your core, where do you already know yourself, and where is your deepest growth? You will discover how this activates new frequencies and unveils more of your core. We sing mantras together and let harmony arise naturally. Finally, there is a brief opportunity for personal energetic singing coaching.

You can follow 'Singing with your inner voice' as a day workshop or as a series of 4 lessons.

Singing is a fun way to express yourself. When we build up a high frequency field, this is about much more than just singing: your feeling centers, your will centers, and your knowing centers are activated. You experience more of your inner world and gain contact with deeper layers of yourself. And as we work around your core, more of your essence, more of you, emerges. Your light that can shine more, you who experience more strength and connection, that's what it's about.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

The exact dates can be found in the Calendar section.

Curious to see Ilse Grace Scheers live as a SoundhealingArtist?! Welcome to one of my next concerts, here is the link to gracemusic.



Mini-workshop 'Energetic Tree Walk'

Sometimes you feel that your presence in nature is an important part of the healing process. I will then take you for an hour and a half through the energies of the old trees: lovingly present, strengthening, magical, connecting... The insights that may become visible at that moment will automatically emerge and the healing process will start.

Fixed dates in the summer: check the calendar for dates and registration

Private group walks are available upon request and you can make an appointment via the contact form.

Personal session stating tree walk, go to the 'book a session' button and mention 'tree walk' in the description

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

The exact dates can be found in the Calendar section.



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Many topics surrounding Personal Growth, Behavioral Patterns and Defense Systems, Core Energetics, Contact & Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Transformation of Child Consciousness, Sound Healing and Energetic Healing can be offered.

The lectures can take place in Lier or on location for a group composed by you. Previous lectures include:

  • 'The Four Dimensions'
  • 'Core Power'
  • 'Contact & Communication'
  • Lectures 'The Pathwork'>

You can obtain more information or make an appointment via the contact form.

For all your specific questions (location, price, ..), go to the FAQ.

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