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High frequency, what is it really?

Friday, 04 May 2018

Often I get questions about high frequency. Is that the same as high sensitivity? Has it something to do with high sense perception? 

When we speak about high frequency or high vibration it has to do with the ability to perceive: which info do you pick up? Of which subtilities are you conscious? What kind of energies can you perceive? Which awareness can you detect? And yes, this has to do with high sense perception (intuition, guidance, channelling, 'hearing', 'seeing') and about the ..of the senses the way we know them in the West: hearing, seeing, tasting, physical feeling, smelling. 

High Sensitiveness lies within that tendency, the awareness is a lot more subtle than average, the external world is felt in a much precise way. Many times high sensitive people have a hard time feeling themselves: in this yang society it is easy to get snowed under when it comes to feeling yourself and many times it requires a lot of personal work to be able to feel your own energy system in an equally precise way. Because also that is necessary to really experience high frequency. 

When we talk about the raising of the frequencies on this planet, it is about the evolution that allows everyone to feel more, to perceive more, to develop more as a human being. The collective possibilities when it comes to perception grow every day. This means that people and their energy systems are invited to grow so that frequencies can be added. In this way people become more total and can experience more life quality.

It is an upgrade of civilization, a leap in consciousness on the collective level. Of course not everyone goes through this evolution in the same manner, there is this thing called 'free will' and everyone can make own choices. Yet evolution is always there, worst case it is the resistance that keeps growing but growing it will, and now faster than ever. 

Everyone has his own personal growing process, unique and appropriate. The faster you get an insight around the growing work that fits you, the faster you can add life quality. The better you understand that high frequency leads to more resonating with more people, the more you understand the importance of it, also on the world scale. Your personal growth contributes to unity, not only because you are more capable of loving/holding yourself, also because you inspire others to grow, simply as a result of resonance.  

And that's how a complex world can become united again, only in that way. And luckily there are the new generations, they are in much better contact with their high frequencies and therefore enhance evolution, simply by being there!  

Ilse Scheers, April 2018, Full Moon




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