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More of me

Sunday, 02 October 2016

The more we do the work of self-realization, the more we start to feel ourselves, all of ourselves.

No need for boundaries anymore, we fill up our own space by who we are and meet other people from that place.

It creates a lot of ease and peace.

Living from our very own source, staying with what is and connecting from there...


Ilse Scheers, full moon, September 2016


-Lyrics of ‘More of me’, song of new album coming up by GRACE-


People come and people go, I can hardly keep my flow and I wonder how I'll make it through the day.

I give up and I give in, try to feel me deep within, and I wonder what my guidance tries to say.

Cause some part of me just wants to run away, so I wonder maybe I just need to stay.

Certain conflict, certain pain, driving me almost insane, and I wonder what the shadow has to say.

Projections here, projections there, lies, excuses everywhere. And I wonder how I'll make it through the day.

Cause some part of me just wants to run away, so I wonder maybe I just need to stay.

And I wonder, need to stay, and I wonder..


Back in centre, back in place, start to feel a lot more space.  And I wonder what it is for me to see.

I'm more alive, I'm back in flow, lovely movement deep below and I wonder what is happening to me?

Is it really possible to simply be? Am I only running into more of me?

And I wonder, more of me, and I wonder, more of me, and I wonder..


Soundtrack GRACE from accoustic homestudio version...


Ilse Grace Scheers

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