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Without words

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Many times the words that have not been spoken have so much value. The depth of the unspoken is big, in fact one can only reach these places without words. In many cases the unspeakable has to do with the spaciousness of an emotion, the overwhelming sensation of an insight, the immense effect of a spiritual experience. And sometimes fears or pains bring you all the way back in a pre-verbal stage of your life, words didn't work then and won't work now. It takes courage to stay with it, hold presence and let yourself be touched. The state of unconditional love, the stillness of an ash tree, the wisdom of the full moon...

Ilse Scheers, October 2014, Full Moon

- Lyrics of ‘Full Moon’, song on album ‘Heart Matters’, by GRACE -

Full Moon, what is it with you, you make me feel smooth, I feel like floating

Full Moon, you warm yellow tune, round radiation, hope you get back soon.

Why does my heart feel like melting, why is the soul filled with love?

Full Moon, catch up with me soon, I hear you smiling, you yellow balloon.


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