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Loving Yourself

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Another new day, the sun is shining on my window. Singing cyclists pass by my street. How I love this house. I still have some time so I start with a little stretching while I stay under the warm covers. But soon I let myself sink away and try to grab onto my dream again. It was lovely. I want to hold onto it a little longer…

The dream was very sexy, all light people, lots of men, but also women, everywhere around me, dancing, in love. Loads of light, circling around me, I felt a deep hot stream inside my body…

I integrate, it feels more than lovely, deeply satisfying, in all my cells…

I make myself a marvelous breakfast. I know exactly what I need today (‘Know your needs in the moment, that’s where it starts’). This time two eggs sunny side up with some cherry tomatoes and fine herbs.

Then I prepare my working space: the salt lamps are switched on, the window a little open, the sound of birds and old trees in the wind. My street ends where I live, no cars, everything is peaceful.

My first client is more or less in a good mood. She’ s been having severe muscle problems the last months but is experiencing more and longer breakthroughs. The day before she even had sex again with her partner and it felt surprisingly good. In fact, she was wondering whether that went right. ‘I felt like I was with myself most of the time.’

Of course! That’s how it works: staying with yourself, really loving yourself, enjoying, because you are worthy, and connect from that place!!

And I understand immediately that also my dream was a beautiful mirror for my Self Love that finally starts to manifest. Loving yourself, staying with yourself, because you are worthy, because that’s how you can fully enjoy and really be there for others!!


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