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Higher Frequency

As we are living in extraordinary times, I hope you are all safe and sound and in touch with yourself.
Music is an important way for me to express myself. It is a language everyone understands and feels in its own unique way. And, it is also a channel to lift the consciousness to the next level, to a higher frequency. For a singer, as well as for an audience. And when music is heard in a live moment, the energy is even more powerful! click read more..

Higher Frequency: when I talk about raising the frequency on this planet, it is about the evolution that allows everyone to feel more, to perceive more, to develop more as a human being. People can actually become more whole and experience more life quality than ever.

It is about an upgrade of civilization, a leap in consciousness on the collective level and everyone has his own personal growing process, unique and appropriate. The faster you get an insight into the growing work that fits you, the faster you can add life quality. The better you understand that high frequency leads to resonating more with more people, the better you understand the importance of it, also on a global scale. Your personal growth contributes to unity, not only because you are more capable of loving/holding yourself, also because you inspire others to grow, simply as a result of resonance.  

And that's how a complex world can become united again, only in that way. And luckily there are the new generations, they are in much better contact with their high frequencies and therefore they enhance evolution, simply by being there!