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Coaching & Energy Sessions

Do you need help dealing with your fears or your feelings of insecurity? Perhaps you are struggling with your relationships? Or you are wondering whether you are living the life that you really want? 

I can help you understand and overcome these mental and emotional blocks and help you gain clarity, freedom and joy.

Many times you need another perspective to really clear up the issue. Or you need the presence of someone who feels into the depth of the problem and who then can energetically help you releasing it. Or sometimes a family pattern or a past event needs to be really understood in order to let go.

Do you feel overburdened? Are you always tired? Do you hate yourself in certain ways? Do you feel helpless towards the world?

I can help you when your body hurts a lot, when exhaustion has taken over your life, when you feel too sensitive for this world, when you feel restless, not knowing what to do first. 

I offer support with whatever is going on, you decide at every moment what you need and where you can use help.

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Singing sessions

Singing is a very natural way to get in touch with your feelings and longings.
 As a professional coach and singer, I give energy / singing sessions around discovering your own voice.

We start at the piano, you bring along your favorite song and we work with it. You will receive (energy) support for whatever comes up. We move to the practise room whenever needed/wanted. An energy healing will include hands-on healing, talking and channeling or a combination of these techniques. You will find out what keeps you from really singing out and start to feel and enjoy your own voice.

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Group Work

Family Constellations

Do you feel the same family issues ove and over again? Do you have a hard time letting go of certain family events? Are you in need for some clarity around what was and is really going on in your family? 

After offering lots of deep healing family constellations during the year trainings, we continu this season with a separate offer. 

We worked out our own method that is close to evolution work: you receive a deep insight in your family energy throught the method of constellation and you experience deep healing while patterns show up and transform.

You can register for your own constellation or be part of one and join as a representative. 

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For all your questions concerning what to expect, go to FAQ or check out the calendar

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Workshops, Courses, Lectures

I organize different trainings and courses from workshops in leadership, creativity and inner power to lectures and professional year trainings in energy work and personal growth.

The professional 3-year-training 'BewustZijn/Conscious Being' consists of energy theory and practise: divers energetic models, skills and therapy methods, divers experiental (group) work, meditation excercises and personal coaching. 


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Ilse Grace Scheers
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About Ilse Scheers

I am personal coach, business consultant, energy healer, change activist, singer songwriter. I can help you with life changing topics, regaining your natural energy level, experiencing integral empowerment. I am also founder of GraceMusic and administrator of Naturopathica.