About Ilse

Throug my life and work experience and my specific professional trainings I have developed the capacity of integral coach, to be fully present and feel/listen and support with whatever is needed, on a very personal level and also on a group level.

As an experienced coach and energy healer and also musician, I bring together all my knowlegde to give you support and guidance.
My approach is designed to be empowering and to give you the insights you really long for.

I can help you:
On a personal level: To connect you with your deep longings
. To put you back into your own power so you can overcome your blocks, your doubts, your pains, your fears.

On a business level: To reconnect your company with its primary goals and common ambitions. To empower your staff and enhance their communication skills

I offer personal coaching and energy healings through individual sessions and in workshops. 
I also work with group dynamics through workshops and groups sessions.
My special offer is singing/energy sessions, where you can discover your own voice through singing and energy work.
I work with clients from all over the world and am available for long-distance sessions via SKYPE and phone.

My Biography

I have always been passionate about human behavior. My deep connection with nature, creativity, global awareness, spirituality, and joy has been a thriving force throughout my life.
I was a musician from an early age, started yoga in elementary school, got involved in Outward Bound School as a teenager and travelled with Up With People at the age of 18.
After studies of Lic. Applied Economics, I started working as a manager in the Contemporary Arts Business, where creation is the core aspect of the product, where not only artists but every person, involved in the process, needs to be very ‘connected’ and passionate.
I got married twice and have three gorgeous children of 22, 19 en 14.
I follow(ed) many specific professional courses/trainings concerning coaching, personal development and awakening of full consciousness such 4 Dim Bodywork/teachings of TAO, Avatar, Barbara Brennan School of Healing ; ad hoc Intensive Trainings in Pathwork, Core Energetics and Continuum ; Evolution Psychology Coaching at Ignoramus Academy.
I am also a singer-song writer, enjoying singing and composing, playing mostly piano but also guitar. I released my first album in 2012, my artist name is GRACE, my CD is called ‘Heart Matters’, all info on www.gracemusic.be

As a economy student, I learned a lot about management ànd in the mean time, I stayed very passionate about culture and art and human behavior:  totally involved in the student community, I organized inspiring cultural events and fell in love with the Contemporary Art World. Contemporary Art is all about reflection on human behavior, reflection on societies, reflection on collective consciousness, it simply became my food for life.
Right after college I started to work at in the Contemporary Art Centre of the University (STUK). 4 years later, I was the Managing Director, having professionalized the working environment through intense learning experiences, always with respect for the specific ethics of the art/cultural world and for human resources in particular. From the very beginning, I was very active in the Flemish Art Business Cooperation (VDP/OKO), founded at that time. It functioned as a platform for managers to support the fast growth of the art business, as funding had increased structurally.
I always followed my natural cycle of creativity and moved on to the next job as ‘the work of change was done’ ; I subsequently worked as the Managing Director at 4 more Art Businesses: ‘HETPALEIS’, the City Youth Theatre of Antwerp; ‘VICTORIA/CAMPO’, the International Performing Art Production House of Ghent , ‘EXTRA CITY’, the International Visual Art Production House , and last but not least, ‘TRIX’, the Pop and Rock Music Art Centre of Antwerp housing many artist in residence, operating an outstanding education department and promoting a big variety of concerts for a diverse public.

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Ilse Grace Scheers
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
Center for Energy Work

Mechelsesteenweg 309
2500 Lier

+32 (0)478 393118


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About Ilse Scheers

I am personal coach, business consultant, energy healer, change activist, singer songwriter. I can help you with life changing topics, regaining your natural energy level, experiencing integral empowerment. I am also founder of GraceMusic and administrator of Naturopathica.