Slowing down

Friday, 18 July 2014

Transformation into who you really are has much to do with slowing down. Accepting all there is by taking time and going deeper, into every cell, allowing, over and over again and having your longing take over, total surrender. Slowing down is an utterly deep physical experience, recognizing all the cells, loving all there is, becoming all of you. It takes courage to keep the trust but once the process has really started, there is so much to gain, pure abundance and joy!

Ilse Scheers, July 2014, Full Moon


Monday, 23 June 2014

We all want to feel safe, it is a primary need, a condition for life. In its essence, it is a state of mind, an inner Knowing that you are on your path and can trust whatever comes up by taking full responsibility. It is about confidence in life, in your own life, in the way you are creating it, experiencing it, and also in the world with the change that is happening. And the challenges are lessons for life and you can handle them, otherwise they wouldn’t happen to you. It requires male energy to keep the powerful feminine in focus, a solid inner balance.

Ilse Scheers, June 2014, Full Moon

Heart Desire

Saturday, 24 May 2014

When you start to live from the heart and choose to follow your longings, you are letting go of control and fully accepting the here and now. The power of true heart connection is so fulfilling, it gives the inner strength to trust and to be. Actually this life style is simple, almost too simple. Holding ground and following the heart desires, because there is simply no other way <3

Ilse Scheers, May 2014, Full Moon

Changing habits - living in the here and now

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Living with a beginners mind, in the here and now, is easily said, but hardly done. Not to go into the past, nor to run into the future. We do it all the time, as if there is not enough to say or experience right here, right now.

Many times the here and now is influenced by the past or future. 

Changing habits - Defenses

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Going through the process of transformation brings you into contact with all your defenses. You really start to feel what your heart wants but excuses and defenses arise. And some of them have become true habits. ‘I am not worth it’, ‘I cannot handle it’, ‘what will others think?’, ‘I am not strong enough’, etc. 

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