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Changing habits - living in the here and now

Living with a beginners mind, in the here and now, is easily said, but hardly done. Not to go into the past, nor to run into the future. We do it all the time, as if there is not enough to say or experience right here, right now.

Many times the here and now is influenced by the past or future. 

Changing habits - Defenses

Going through the process of transformation brings you into contact with all your defenses. You really start to feel what your heart wants but excuses and defenses arise. And some of them have become true habits. ‘I am not worth it’, ‘I cannot handle it’, ‘what will others think?’, ‘I am not strong enough’, etc. 

Changing habits - food

Changing habits is inevitable in the transformation process. And old habits can be pretty harsh, you learned them in your childhood, or at some point in school, or while hanging out with friends. Habits are also culture related: the collective consciousness holds habits in place, it is simply the way things are, part of who we are, as a community, a country, as humanity.

Let’s start off with food habits. 

Comfort Zone

Full transformation requires leaving your comfort zones, one by one. We tend to stick to situations that we know, that we have learned to deal with, that we can handle, even if they are not good for us. Leaving the comfort zone and trying something new takes courage and will power. It is about creating new space and experiencing that the only real comfort zone is connection with who you truly are. Changing habits, learning to live from connection only, requires clear intention and perseverance. And the result is liberating: every day again, more freedom, more connection to self and others, more connection to the world and how it is changing, finally.

Ilse Scheers, January 2014, Full Moon


Going through the process of transformation brings you at some point into very deep contact with your family; the people who brought you into this world, the people who grew up with you, the people who know you in some way, and have done so for quite some time. It is an intense process of understanding, accepting, forgiving, receiving. Things are not always what they seem and there is so much to learn from all the different higher truth perspectives (*).

(*) Highest Truth: see blog September '13; Twin souls: see blog April '13


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