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We all know fear is the worst adviser yet unconsciously it is ruling our life in tremendous ways. Of course a lot has to do with the collective consciousness, fear is the ultimate tool for control and is used on a daily basis by all kinds of authorities. Unravelling your deep beliefs and daily patterns that are fear based is a valuable thing to do. Because as long as fear has a grip on you, you don't own all of you and external energies keep entering. Choosing for light and trusting your vulnerability will strengthen you from within and give you the courage to stay open at all times so that true compassion, also towards yourself, can rise.

Ilse Scheers, March 2015, New Moon

Perfect Timing

Time is a global practical concept, a linear way of organizing life. But time is seldom experienced that way. Some moments last forever, others fly by. It is a human invention that serves a lot in society yet it is running our lives in so many unconscious ways. Instead of living the here and now we tend to lose the moment, we lose our flow. We are planning ahead and are not in the present. There ‘s quite some loss of energy and aliveness in constantly living by the clock. And there’s so much to gain by staying in the moment, so much richness in experiencing space and connection. We all know this peace that takes over when we ‘have time’… And often we run into timing problems: solutions don’t show up in time, communication didn’t work well because of shortage in time, people didn’t meet up because of bad timing… When we start to live in the here and now, we start to experience perfect timing, everything happens with right time, what a joy!


Ilse Scheers, New Moon, February 2015

Real Needs

Going through the process of transformation means living your highest truth, letting your heart be the guide, taking decisions according to your inner knowing. And this is not in conflict with listening to your daily needs, on the contrary: your real needs are truthful and need to be met, only then you can heal and grow. Real needs are part of your highest truth, they are part of the human condition, of life.

Ilse Scheers, January 2015, New Moon


Love of the World

Love of the world

It’s time, it’s time now for real change and we all know it. Time to break out and do all we can do for the world. Become who we are, all the way, no more compromising, no more holding back, because it is the only way to freedom.

And yes, full responsibility but that is how it works and it feels totally natural.
Change is inevitable, it is part of life, yet more change is needed in this life now on earth. It is about trusting the process and most of all about loving life, loving yourself, loving the world…

Ilse Scheers, December 2014, New Moon


In the Middle

The more you go through the process of transformation, the more you start to experience balance, this place right in the middle, not too much, not too little, not too big, not too small, not too far, not too near, right in the middle. Acceptance of what is, just as it is, no more, no less, with a front side and a back side, the one ànd the other, and you right in the middle. And sometimes, staying in the middle is going through the eye of the storm, through the eye of the needle, growing at love speed...

Ilse Scheers, November 2014, New Moon




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