The illusion of separateness

As if the world is against you, as if you cannot find your place, as if you can’t feel the connection with the whole..

The fact that we have a physical body gives us the idea that we operate totally apart, yet nothing is less the truth: energetically everything is interconnected and there exists no separateness. Of course: everyone is unique in its constellation and we are each separate individuals with a free will. Yet at the same time the basic components of each human being are equal: energy. And energy resonates with everything and everyone, because that is exactly the intrinsic quality of energy. 

One could state that an energetic differentiation among people can be made based upon individual consciousness: what do you know already? what are you to learn here? where is there still a veil of not-knowing? Therefor it is so healing to, in these moments of separateness, reach out to those ‘who have already been there’, those who know and recognize that feeling ; authentic contact with them is what it takes to step out of illusion and experience unity again.  

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is a metafor as no other and Blavatsky and her Theosophy historically nails it: the more we become aware of the illussion of separateness, the more we are in contact with our true self and with unity and harmony that actually can exist effortlessly.  

Also the troubled material world of today is a reflection, it mirrors the (collective) illusions that still ask for clarity. And the intensity of these disturbances are proportional to the collective longing for unity. So stay close to yourself, don’t let yourself get distracted by the materialistic excesses, understand better every day why they are there and keep coming closer to your truth. It begins, over and over again, within! 

Ilse Scheers, June 2018, Full Moon

Image: ‘Unity’, holograms by Janosh