He walked around with his heart

Fragile and pure, looking for memories, he walked around with his heart,

She didn’t know him, but she could see him,

She knew she’d never get hurt.

Try and remember that day in september,

Where time as all out of place,

She was confused by it, she was amused

as they’re walking in circles in space


The evening was smelling well, muscles were swelling,

His body started to get hurt.

She did the carrying, listened to angels sing,

Sensing a sign of alert.

On came the light and a seat was inviting him,

He checked his heart and his mind.

Looking for guidance she left him in self control,

Recovering one of a kind.


A driver was helping out,

He explained clear and loud,

She was at ease as they went.

He took them bck to place,

Ignoring time and space,

They had to laugh with the end.


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