Highest Truth

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Going through the process of transformation makes you start to live from your highest truth only. Your body gets more and more aligned with your soul’s longing and every thought, every action results in a body experience. It simply becomes a way of living, to be really connected, a matter of total surrender to what you really want.



Saturday, 24 August 2013

When we really start to live from the heart, we experience true self-love and a real sense of being ; we are daily guided by a natural knowing,  a new kind of clarity. It is experiencing the effortlessness, trusting that life gives us everything we need, at the right time, and we always know what to do, because it is simply who we are.


Beginning of Unity

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

21st of December 2012 was a historic turning point: from that moment on, the rising of the frequency has started to accelerate, step by step, with no point of return. It is the end of Creation of good and bad, the end of the learning phase of the human condition, the beginning of a world in Unity.


Twin Souls

Monday, 29 April 2013

The reunion of twin souls is an important aspect of the global transformation process[1]. Twin Souls bring different worlds together and when really united, they bring service to the world. And in the world of today, all service is needed more than ever.

Twin souls are souls that connect in a unique way: they have the same blue print, the same frequencies, they belong to each other, are more of each other. It is not simply about falling in love, it is an overwhelming, undeniable knowing of belonging together. The love they feel for each other is unconditional.



Saturday, 30 March 2013

Transformation is for everyone.

Transformation is the most profound growing process that makes us live our life in a new way: there is no longer need for control, instead we experience freedom and full responsibility. We start to live from within, from the heart and no longer from outer needs or impulses. We experience inner peace and free flow of energy, we feel deep connection with ourselves and we understand our place in the world.

Times are achanging and everyone will be involved: all human beings are interconnected, a change of the collective consciousness has been initiated, everyone needs to take up his or her place in the world. So every person will go through the process of transformation. In daily life this means that more and more events will be created that trigger us and make us change our way of life: from small every day practical issues to larger collective problems to global revolutions.


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