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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Transformation is for everyone.

Transformation is the most profound growing process that makes us live our life in a new way: there is no longer need for control, instead we experience freedom and full responsibility. We start to live from within, from the heart and no longer from outer needs or impulses. We experience inner peace and free flow of energy, we feel deep connection with ourselves and we understand our place in the world.

Times are achanging and everyone will be involved: all human beings are interconnected, a change of the collective consciousness has been initiated, everyone needs to take up his or her place in the world. So every person will go through the process of transformation. In daily life this means that more and more events will be created that trigger us and make us change our way of life: from small every day practical issues to larger collective problems to global revolutions.


Mother Earth is working on a new balance: there is a great need for the planet to restructure the global energy system, extreme weather events and overall climate change have become every day signs, exceptional nature phenomena are every day world news.

More and more new diseases pop up: from all sorts of allergies and unknown symptoms to chronic illnesses and new types of fatigues and depressions. And the youngest generations can no longer handle the old way of life: they long for connection and freedom and try to find their way while struggling systems and religions.

Old structures no longer serve: the political, financial, legal and health systems need to be realigned but also architecture and social services are in great need for new vision. A historical shift has been initiated, a new world order is slowly arising: structures without soul collapse, materialism will soon belong to the past, essence and soul connection is the new focus.

Transformation is no longer only a topic for soul seeking communities, it is a global awakening, and it is far more radical and liberating than most spiritual practices up until now. It seems like the world is slowly but surely falling apart, yet it is all part of the global transformation process, it is simply the end of the old world.

The world is slowly catching fire, it is up to all of us to not stir it up but to deeply understand why and let it be so it can slowly extinguish and transform into peace and tolerance, into full responsibility, as a result of personal and collective transformation.

Ilse Scheers, March 2013, Full Moon


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