Twin Souls

Monday, 29 April 2013

The reunion of twin souls is an important aspect of the global transformation process[1]. Twin Souls bring different worlds together and when really united, they bring service to the world. And in the world of today, all service is needed more than ever.

Twin souls are souls that connect in a unique way: they have the same blue print, the same frequencies, they belong to each other, are more of each other. It is not simply about falling in love, it is an overwhelming, undeniable knowing of belonging together. The love they feel for each other is unconditional.


Twin souls are different from soul mates: soul mates are very powerful friendships and there will always be a lot to learn from each other. But when seeking more soul connection, the relation will not last. Twin souls trigger each other to grow in the most profound way and at the end, they will experience deep heart connection and true meaning of life.

Twin Soul relations are not easy when united in an earlier stage of transformation, these are the most challenging relations. Both partners mirror each other and will keep on triggering each other for as long as needed. They need to be able to give each other time and space to have their personal development, yet not give up on each other, as they know they belong together.

Reunion of twin souls has to do with uniting the male and the female parts, regardless of sexes. And gay and lesbian couples have these same uniting energies. And in these times of global transformation, the feminine aspect in all human beings becomes more important than ever: for some partners this means manifesting more from a deeply rooted feminine place, for the other partners, developing the feminine is more about holding space in a soft yet powerful way so that both experience a unique balance in which the active and passive unite.

In times where many people have lost deep connection with themselves, twin souls have a harder time finding each other. Yet the times are changing and everyone who is looking for personal completion and is not yet united with their twin soul, will feel the call.

Twin souls are meant to be together, and that’s what the world needs right now.

Ilse Scheers, April 2013, Full Moon

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