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Changing habits - food

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Changing habits is inevitable in the transformation process. And old habits can be pretty harsh, you learned them in your childhood, or at some point in school, or while hanging out with friends. Habits are also culture related: the collective consciousness holds habits in place, it is simply the way things are, part of who we are, as a community, a country, as humanity.

Let’s start off with food habits. 

A daily diet is a personal thing and every individual has different needs in different periods of his/her life. Yet there are general guidelines when it comes to health and consciousness and food: no sugar, no coffee, no meat or fish, no alcohol or other drugs. This may seem common knowledge, yet habits seem to be in the way of really establishing change in the collective consciousness.

Sugar and coffee can be replaced easily, there are great alternatives on the market, it is a matter of changing shopping habits. Ofcourse the body needs to adjust, no similar immediate energy boosts but with a clear intention the body surrenders pretty easily, one starts to feel better from within in no time.

Alcohol can be a bigger struggle, in many cases there is a huge social component, and it has to do with pleasure. But also in this case, there are more and more good and tasty alternatives. And no, they don’t have the same drugging effect but going through transformation results in no more stress, no more old pain, no more fears so no more need for drugging yourself.

Last but not least: no more meat and fish. Tons of ecological, economical, spiritual and health based reasons and still there ‘s this huge industry. This change in the world diet seems to be the hardest, what does it take? Raising the prices, including the real ecological footprint? More diseases amongst animals? New diseases amongst meat eaters?

Let’s start that change, change your food habits today :-)

Ilse Scheers, February 2014, Full Moon


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