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Changing habits - Defenses

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Going through the process of transformation brings you into contact with all your defenses. You really start to feel what your heart wants but excuses and defenses arise. And some of them have become true habits. ‘I am not worth it’, ‘I cannot handle it’, ‘what will others think?’, ‘I am not strong enough’, etc. 

Defenses pop up before you know it. The work is really to trace them one by one and overcome the fears, the insecurities, the emotions.

The more you approach your true self and get in touch with your deep longings, the more you become vulnerable and it may seem as if you become weaker, but in fact it is just the opposite, you become stronger and this strength lies deep within. For you are who you are and no one can bring you out of balance anymore. Of course there can still be a need to set boundaries, in situations of real danger, but in that case you get very clear signs.

And the more you live from your undefended self, the more you inspire others to do the same. It is the natural state, soft and strong, in love, in light.

Ilse Scheers, March 2014, Full Moon


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