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Changing habits - living in the here and now

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Living with a beginners mind, in the here and now, is easily said, but hardly done. Not to go into the past, nor to run into the future. We do it all the time, as if there is not enough to say or experience right here, right now.

Many times the here and now is influenced by the past or future. 

Often situations bring up a past experience and that memory is so strong, that you act as if you are in that past. It is a conditioning that creates behavior that is not in touch with what is really going on. One needs to be able to let go of the charge of the past experience, really understand the bigger meaning of it so that the emotions, the unclarity, or the fear can go out of the system. Same thing for the future: expectations and dreams, they can easily bring you out of reality, into some fantasy world or wishful thinking, out of touch.

Changing habits and staying in the here and now demands practice ; in the beginning it may feel a bit awkward but it slows you down and intensifies your awareness, it gives peace in mind and heart. Seeing things just the way they are, no more, no less.

Living in the here and now is about living according to your deepest longings yet letting every moment unfold by itself. It is the natural state, the flow of life, life in light.

Ilse Scheers, April 2014, Full Moon


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