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Perfect Timing

Friday, 27 February 2015

Time is a global practical concept, a linear way of organizing life. But time is seldom experienced that way. Some moments last forever, others fly by. It is a human invention that serves a lot in society yet it is running our lives in so many unconscious ways. Instead of living the here and now we tend to lose the moment, we lose our flow. We are planning ahead and are not in the present. There ‘s quite some loss of energy and aliveness in constantly living by the clock. And there’s so much to gain by staying in the moment, so much richness in experiencing space and connection. We all know this peace that takes over when we ‘have time’… And often we run into timing problems: solutions don’t show up in time, communication didn’t work well because of shortage in time, people didn’t meet up because of bad timing… When we start to live in the here and now, we start to experience perfect timing, everything happens with right time, what a joy!


Ilse Scheers, New Moon, February 2015

-Lyrics of ‘He walked around with his heart’, song on album ‘Heart Matters’, by GRACE-

Fragile and pure, looking for memories, he walked around with his heart.

She didn’t know him, but she could see him, she knew she’d never get hurt.

Try and remember that day in September, where time was all out of place.

She was confused by it, she was amused as they’re walking in circles in space


The evening was smelling well, muscles were swelling, his body started to get hurt.

She did the carrying, listened to angels sing, sensing a sign of alert.

On came the light and a seat was inviting him, he checked his heart and his mind.

Looking for guidance she left him in self control, recovering one of a kind.


A driver was helping out, he explained clear and loud, she was at ease as they went.

He took them back to place, ignoring time and space, they had to laugh with the end.



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