Are you normal?

Friday, 15 January 2016

Are you normal?

I often get the question in my professional practice, “Am I actually normal?” And then I answer immediately, “Thank God no!”

Normal refers to norms and the norms in our society can’t be used as a criteria of well-being.  When will this become clear on a larger scale? Of course you get sick when you hang out in an average super market. It’s logical that you lose your mind trying to cooperate within the current banking system, totally obvious that the quality of the average food supply is not satisfying.  It’s so true that much of what you can buy has less and less sustainability. We live in a throw away society more than ever, maximizing profit is the only priority. If you think this world is normal, you have developed a capacity for adaptation that is far from healthy and natural.

I am all but normal and have accepted that fully over the years. I wrote a new song, “Peace Is Coming” to inspire us to challenge our ‘normal’ thinking.  We are at a crossroads on this Planet where the normal ways of using power over one another cannot be continued and sustained.

Peace IS coming, yet it will take ongoing effort within each of our Hearts to heal all the bitterness and separation in the World. 2012 was the kick-off, after 3 years we are ready for the real work.
I wish you an abnormal 2016, to peace, to freedom, to the true beginning of the new world!

Ilse Scheers, December 2015, full moon

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