Year Training 'BewustZijn'

‘Conscious Being – Fully being who you are, being guided by your inner voice only,  feeling deeply at home with yourself’


‘Transformation is the most profound growing proces that results in a new way of living: there is no longer a need for control, instead we experience freedom and full responsibility. We start to live from within, from the heart and no longer out of external needs. We experience inner peace and free flow of energy, we feel deep contact with ourselves and understand our place in the world…’


The Objectif for the 3-Year Training BewustZijn

• deep work around personal growth

• training to become a professional energy worker

The Year Training BewustZijn is a training where a group of 4 to 8 students engage in a process for 3 years, of each 16 to 20 days. Through these 3 years they will work deep on the integral insight of their own being as well as on the different healing and therapy methods, every year with a different focus: 

• Year 1: Relation with Self
• Year 2: Relation with Other
• Year 3: Relation with Universal

During the training the students will work intensily and under supervision on the own personal growht and they will learn the profession of energy worker. 

The Year Training BewustZijn consists of extensive theoretical knowledge as well as experiential energy work.

Theory and group work around the human energy system
o Hands-on Healing skills (based on the work of Barbara Brennan)
Aura healing (Energy Bodies, wide range of skills)
Hara Healing (Soul level)
CoreStar Healing (Spirit level)

Theory and group work around defense systems
o Awareness of own behavioral patterns
o Experiental (group) work based on Core-Energetics
o Movement ‘Flex your Soul’ & Kundalini

Mindfulness en Meditation Work
o Integral Body Consciousness
o Transcendent Meditation
o Discovering the inner voice 
o Channeling and intuïtion

Psycho-spiritual skills
o Contact, listening, transferance, mask, lower self, super ego, …
o Basic assumptions, comfortzone
o Mirrorwork, projections
o Transformation of child consciousness
o Non-violent communication

Professionele Practise skills
o Living Environment
o Working tools
o Law
o Professional Federations

Experiential homework
o Mondthly homeworks (theory and excercises)
o Healings excercises

Personal coachings (monthly, not included in price)



The price of 1 year is 2.200 euro excl. VAT (spread payment possible)

The Trainings will take place in Edegem at Centrum voor Energiewerk, or in Aartselaar (Milagrow) or in Oostduinkerke (Plaza).
Other practicals will be given at enrollment. 

In common agreement students who have already valuable training/skills can immedtialtely enroll in Year 2. Their background/expertise will be checked by Ilse Scheers. Students will need to follow minimum 3 preparing sessions (each min. 3 hours) in order to be able to enroll in Year 2.

The enrollment for 2017-2018 has started Sunday May 14.
The deadline for Enrollment is September 15 2017

The dates for the trainings are:

➢ Year 1: Relation with Self
9 weekends, from Friday to Sunday afternoon
29 Sept-1 Oct, 27-29 Oct, 8-10 Dec, 19-21 Jan, 16-18 Feb,
16-18 March, 13-15 April, 11-13 May en 8-10 June
These dates can still change in collaboration with students. 

➢ Year 2: Relation with Other
4 long weekends of 4 days
6 - 9 October, 8 - 11 December, 16 - 19 February, 27 - 30 April                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   These dates These dates can still change in collaboration with students.

➢ Year 3: Relation with Universal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               10 Thursdays and 2 long weekends of 4 days

2017: 14 Sept, 5 Oct, 16 Nov, 7 Dec and 27 t/m 30 October
2018: in collaboration with studenten still to determine

For more information on the Training “BewustZijn”, contact Ilse Scheers.

‘I believe in and experience every day the enormous potential in each of us ; when we are willing to let go over and over again and keep growing, we really start to live the way we deeply long for, from our essence, from our true power. ’


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